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What have people been saying about Searching for Sherlock? One of the best resources around for those Sherlockians or Holmesians who want to find references in the Canon, or quotes, or whatever you may like. It's a search engine--and also combs through Adrian Doyle's works, probably the only pastiches to be considered official Canon. You can limit your searches to particular collections or books, and you can search within your own search results. It's a Sherlockian scholar's/Holmesian essayist's dream come true. - Arachne Jericho
My Favorite and Mostly Improper Items of Holmesiana: A Letter On the other hand, this is rather better than most searches on ebook readers. I use this one all the time when writing longer Holmes articles, and it even allows you to search within search results. Absolutely a great tool for any Sherlockian or Holmesian. - Arachne Jericho

MoonFind Search Engine Help
MoonFind is designed as a text searching tool. As such, it searches through a database of text files which are stored line by line, such as they would be on a page of a book. The search is successful if it finds a match, according to the options you choose, on any given line in the text file.
New Search Enter a word or phrase in the text area, and click New Search.
Search Results If any matches are found, you may search again through only those results by entering a new word or phrase in the text area, and then click the Search in Results button, which will appear to the right of the input area.
Category Selection Each category may contain one or more individual text file to search in.
You may limit your search to a specific category by using the drop-down selection list.
Items to Display You may set the number of items to be displayed to 25, 50, or 100.
If there are more results than the number you select, you will be able to page through the results by clicking on the Previous and Next buttons that will appear at the bottom of the list of results.
Note: This option has no effect if Details is not checked.
Exact Search If Exact is checked and you enter a phrase, then the search is successful only if the phrase is found exactly as you entered it.
Non-Exact Search If Exact is not checked and you enter a phrase, then a search will be made to find any part of that phrase. For example:
> sherlock holmes and doctor watson
would search using the following patterns:
> sherlock
> sherlock holmes
> sherlock holmes and doctor
> sherlock holmes and doctor watson
Details If Details is checked the individual lines of text where a match is found will be displayed, otherwise, only the category names will be displayed.
Help If Help is not checked these instructions will not be displayed.
Tips & Tricks Use short phrases! The fewer words in a phrase the faster the search!
Use Exact matching for phrases! This is faster!
Use Search in Results! Successive searches are faster!
Do a New Search for a word that is most likely to be found.
Then do a Search in Results for more words or phrases.
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