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Hi! This page is a cooperative effort to create a place on the web for the Georges Valley High School Class of 1968.
GVHS is a regional high school located in Thomaston, Maine.
This web site will evolve as time marches on. Here you will find the complete GVHS 1968 Yearbook, a Special Occasions Calendar listing birthdays and anniversaries, as well as Photo Galleries where you can view photos posted by the classmates themselves!
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GVHS 1968 Class Yearbook
GVHS 1968 Class Yearbook
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Special Occasions 1968 Calendar
Special Occasions 1968 Calendar
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GVHS 1968 Grad Photos
GVHS 1968 Class Yearbook
Photo Galleries
35th Anniversay Reunion

Birthdays Birthdays
Bonita May Cushman Bonita May Cushman - "Bonnie"
August 14, 1950
David Richard Falla David Richard Falla - "Dave"
August 17, 1950
Glenna Jean Harrington Glenna Jean Harrington - "Glenna"
August 24, 1950
Malcolm Pierce Libbey Jr. Malcolm Pierce Libbey Jr. - "Malcolm"
August 16, 1950
Lynne Jewell Stone Lynne Jewell Stone - "Lynne"
August 2, 1950
Patricia Jean Whitten Patricia Jean Whitten - "Trisha"
August 11, 1950
Lana Louise Wiley Lana Louise Wiley - "Lana"
August 4, 1950
Birthdays for September
09/15/1949 David Cobb Aiken - "Dave"
09/24/1949 Craig Lewis Davis - "Craig"
09/28/1950 Benita Alcada Hall - "Bush"
09/03/1950 Jay Edwin Putansu - "J. P."
09/10/1950 Claudia Audrey Stanley - "Claude"
Benita Alcada (Hall) Hatch - "Bush"
August 15, 1969
Married to:Glenn Hatch
Benita Alcada (Hall) Hatch
Anniversaries for September
09/06/1969 David Richard Falla to Brenda Vose
09/11/1971 Deborah Lee (Grotton) Lichtenwalner to Lee Lichtenwalner
09/17/1977 Ronnie Lee Hastings to Judy (Brown)
09/08/2002 Judy Susan (Merrifield) Brann to Ronnie Brann
09/19/1970 Claudia Audrey (Stanley) Ramirez to Dario Ramirez
09/06/1969 Brenda Joyce (Vose) Falla to David Falla, Fellow Classmate
09/18/1976 Lana Louise (Wiley) McPherson to Bill McPherson

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