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One of the best ways to learn a programming language is to review scripts and see the techniques that other people use to accomplish their goals. This has been, and continues to be, the primary way I have learned to write scripts in different programming languages.
The following scripts are for instructional purposes. Although some of them are complete working programs, they are primarily for review as demonstrations of how to accomplish specific tasks.
The scripts on this page are free, and may used, in part or in whole, without license or notice.
If you implement any of these scripts, and would like to have a URL included on this page as an example for others to see, please fill in the DownLoadPage Feedback Form here.
Please Note: all files are in PkWare's ZIPped format and require an extraction program.

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MvWHOIS Domain Name Lookup
Posted: 08/01/2003 Size: 2,607 bytes Downloads: 1,350
This is a domain name lookup script that uses an MvCALL to Internic's database to check for the existance of a domain name.
Updated 08/01/2003
This script requires Miva.
eBay Item Test
Posted: 05/24/2001 Size: 2,885 bytes Downloads: 448
This script uses an MvCALL to extract information from ebay auction pages (title, start and end dates, high bidder, selling price, etc.). It also demonstrates the use of a very simple ARRAY.
Requires Miva 3.9xx or higher.
Browser Upload Compatibility DEMO
Posted: 04/20/2000 Size: 2,732 bytes Downloads: 387
This script is a companion for a Miva upload script. It includes an MvFUNCTION that will keep track of the browsers used to upload files, the total number of files and total bytes uploaded by each browser. When loaded as a web page, it determines whether your browser matches any browser in the list and displays the list of browsers and their data.
Re-Upload DEMO
Posted: 08/12/1999 Size: 8,356 bytes Downloads: 544
This script demonstrates how to selectively re-upload files to your website from your local computer's Miva Mia directory structure by maintaining a list of uploaded files from which you can select which files to re-upload.
It uses the MvCALL implementation of Miva's UPLOAD functions and can upload files from either the script or data directories. It also allows you to delete the uploaded files from the server.
This script requires Miva v3.55 or better. It has been successfully tested on websites hosted by idesigns.net, simplenet.com, and communitech.net.
Weather Roundup
Posted: 05/16/1999 Size: 3,337 bytes Downloads: 956
This is a demonstration of how to extract data from the National Weather Service Interactive Weather Information Network (IWIN) live hourly weather reports. Weather Roundup is an all-inclusive MvFUNCTION that uses an MvCALL to get the data from the specific IWIN URL for the desired state and city. It returns global variables to the script containing the weather data. It will also optionally display the data.
This script requires Miva.
Digital Page Counter III
Posted: 05/03/1999 Size: 34,379 bytes Downloads: 9,653
This is a revamped version of my previous counter scripts that now uses a single XBase database and two indexes to store the data. It also includes a separate script, showhits.mv, that is used to display the total hits. This script takes advantage of several of Miva's newer features, and is designed to be included into the desired page by using an MvDO statement. The MvDO statement also provides for easily specifing a different digit file to be used for the display.
This script requires Miva version 3.2xx or higher.
This script can also be used as a plain text counter display.
Includes a NODISPLAY option to increment hits without display.
Directly replaces DPCII using the same MvDO function call and automatically converts the previous hit count data to the new format.
Auto-Upload DEMO
Posted: 03/24/1999 Size: 2,983 bytes Downloads: 967
This is a very basic demonstration of using the MvCALL method of Miva's upload functions to automate the process of uploading specific files to a server.
This script requires Miva 3.5xx or higher. It has been successfully tested on websites hosted by idesigns.net, simplenet.com, and communitech.net.
E-Mail Attachment DEMO
Posted: 04/14/1999 Size: 3,951 bytes Downloads: 905
This is a very basic demonstration of using Miva's MvSMTP function to send a file (in this example a GIF image) as an ENCODED attachment. It does not provide any means to encode or decode the attachment, but does provide hints on a simple way to encode files.
This script requires Miva and, due to the nature of email systems, may not work on all servers and/or versions of Miva. It has been successfully tested on websites hosted by idesigns.net, simplenet.com, and communitech.net.
Posted: 01/12/1999 Size: 1,465 bytes Downloads: 464
This purpose of this function is to return the names and values of all variables within a specific SCOPE, ie: global, system, or local variables. The function returns the total number of variables and two sequentially numbered ARRAYS.
This function requires Miva version 3.5xx or higher.
Posted: 12/14/1998 Size: 2,407 bytes Downloads: 378
This is a companion MvFUNCTION for websites that are listed on the MivaTest page at mrmoon.com. It MvCALL's a script residing on mrmoon.com that returns a text string detailing the website's current standing in the MivaTest Scores by Websites charts.
This function requires that MivaTest be installed on the website and listed on the MivaTest page at mrmoon.com.
This script also requires Miva version 3.2xx or higher.
HeadTest v1.0001
Posted: 09/11/1998 Size: 2,929 bytes Downloads: 515
This script is for validating the existence of a URL. It uses MvCALL to retrieve the header information returned by the URL and displays the header status code. It could be used for a variety of purposes, including checking links submitted for inclusion on a links page.
This script requires Miva.
MivaTest v1.2103d
Posted: 11/05/1998 Size: 5,823 bytes Downloads: 1,277
This is the benchmark test of Miva's performance. With thanks to the Miva community, there are over 100 installations of MivaTest on over 40 servers running MivaTest for comparative analysis. If you download this script and install it on your server, your installation can also be included in the list as well.
This script requires Miva. Notes on submitting the URL of your installation are included in the script.
On-Line Survey
Posted: 07/31/1998 Size: 5,909 bytes Downloads: 1,552
This is a working demonstration of an on-line survey. It allows for several different question types, including single choice of many, multiple choices, and even select from a drop-down list. You can even have images associated with the questions. You can also view the results in a bar-chart format.
Although it is written in V2.9X compatible code, it will work with Miva and Mia as well. It is semi-complicated, and has enough comments and instructions in it that you should be able to fit it to your own needs relatively easily.
DEC to HEX Conversion
Posted: 06/28/1998 Size: 1,173 bytes Downloads: 273
This is a demonstration of converting DEC numbers into HEX numbers.
URL Addressing Method
Posted: 06/21/1998 Size: 1,500 bytes Downloads: 533
This is a demonstration of a URL addressing method I developed for use with all version of htmlscript/Miva/Mia. It allows you to run the same script locally using Mia, or on the web with either the NSAPI or CGI version without modification.
The Ring
Posted: 03/20/1998 Size: 3,830 bytes Downloads: 489
This is a demo of a web-ring type of script.
Includes examples of <IMPORT> and <EXPORT>,<FORM> processing, and using <ARRAYS>.
Although the ring-server script requires Miva, the code to make a <CALL> to the server does not.
Download Script
Posted: 03/14/1998 Size: 6,015 bytes Downloads: 1,448
This is the code for a modified version of this page. It includes the two GIF images used.

You can check out other implementations of this script at:
Alex Ogden's website:www.aogden.com (700+ downloads)
James Yardley's website:The Action Vault (27,000+ downloads)
Markus Stenzel's website:Ultima Download Page (2,000+ downloads)
Includes examples of <IMPORT> and <EXPORT>,<FORM> processing, and using <ARRAYS>.
Voting System
Posted: 03/14/1998 Size: 2,360 bytes Downloads: 1,913
This is demonstration of how to create your own on-line voting system. This example allows the viewer to vote "YES", "NO", or "DON'T CARE". It also keeps track of "NON-VOTES" (people who came, saw, but did not vote).It also prevents the caller from voting again within sixty minutes.
This script generates a Caller ID that prevents re-voting. It includes examples of <IMPORT> and <EXPORT>, as well as passing arguments in a <FORM>.
Petition Script
Posted: 03/14/1998 Size: 4,547 bytes Downloads: 1,010
This is a working model of a petition script that allows visitors to sign a petition. It uses the visitor's email address to prevent duplicate signatures.
Includes examples of <MvIMPORT> and <MvEXPORT>,<FORM> processing, and <SMTP MAIL> functions.
This script requires Miva.
Sitevars Manager
Posted: 03/14/1998 Size: 3,217 bytes Downloads: 545
This is a sitevars manager script that allows you to edit your sitevars file on-line. If your host is simplenet this script will run without any modifications. It runs under Miva Mia as well, but editing may be neccessary for other hosting servers.
Includes examples of <MvIMPORT> and <MvEXPORT>,<FORM> processing, and a basic password protection system.
This script requires Miva.
Banners in Frames
Posted: 03/14/1998 Size: 2,824 bytes Downloads: 793
This is a frames banner demo using banners from simplenet.com. The banners are displayed at the bottom of the screen in a separate frame, and automatically change every 15 seconds.
As well as the features of the Random Banners, above, this also includes a basic example of how to create <FRAMES>.
Random Banners
Posted: 03/14/1998 Size: 2,110 bytes Downloads: 1,211
This is a non-frames banner demo using banners from simplenet.com. The banners are displayed at the bottom of the screen, and automatically changeevery 15 seconds.
This is a basic example of how to display banners. It also demonstrates how to derive a pseudo-random number, as well as how to make a page reload itself using the META REFRESH statement. Although the banner information is in the document itself, it could easily be modified to store the data in a file.
The Ring - Miva Resources
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Download Chart
1 Digital Page Counter III 34.96% 9,653
2 Voting System 6.93% 1,913
3 On-Line Survey 5.62% 1,552
4 Download Script 5.24% 1,448
5 MvWHOIS Domain Name Lookup 4.89% 1,350
6 MivaTest v1.2103d 4.62% 1,277
7 Random Banners 4.39% 1,211
8 Petition Script 3.66% 1,010
9 Auto-Upload DEMO 3.50% 967
10 Weather Roundup 3.46% 956
11 E-Mail Attachment DEMO 3.28% 905
12 Banners in Frames 2.87% 793
13 Sitevars Manager 1.97% 545
14 Re-Upload DEMO 1.97% 544
15 URL Addressing Method 1.93% 533
16 HeadTest v1.0001 1.87% 515
17 The Ring 1.77% 489
18 GET_VAR_LIST Function 1.68% 464
19 eBay Item Test 1.62% 448
20 Browser Upload Compatibility D 1.40% 387
21 MIVATEST_WEBSITE Function 1.37% 378
22 DEC to HEX Conversion 0.99% 273
Totals 27,611